3 reasons to buy construction fencing

Construction fencing is becoming more and more common on our construction sites, but why is this really the case – why are more and more contractors choosing to put up fences on site?

Below we have gathered 3 important points why you should have a construction fence around your workplace

Increasing security

The fence significantly raises the threshold for passers-by to seize property belonging to the workplace. It is no longer just about a few hand tools that are so quickly sold online. A growing trend is the large-scale theft of materials by criminal construction companies, which they then use on their construction sites. The amount of reported thefts from construction sites amounts to >DKK1 billion, the number of unreported thefts is huge!

Creating security

Construction fences save lives. Many children are naturally curious, young people are out to cause trouble, and people of all ages can run the risk of disturbing a construction site with far-reaching consequences.


Construction fencing separates and sets up an essential boundary between trespassers and authorized persons. Not just anyone drives into a grocery store, and therefore not just anyone enters a manned construction site where there are limits. The fence is also an opportunity for entrepreneurs to show who they are, as there are large areas to hang advertisements.

Society without construction fences would thus have been a more dangerous and insecure world, where undeclared work, etc. would have been more difficult to counter. It secures, saves and delimits a workplace and is essential for dealing with more personal commitments and the like.

Just like separating dessert from starter with different cutlery and plates, you need to separate the unauthorized from the authorized!

- Skrevet af Niels Webb



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