5 different types of fences for workplaces

There are many reasons to invest in robust fencing around workplaces. Here we list different types of fences, their uses and 5 benefits of investing in high-quality fencing.

5 different fences to increase security

Choose a fence for your business needs ー here are 5 fences that increase security.

Fences for the public

Festival fences come in different sizes and models and can be used for everything from barriers to directing crowds at large events. There are multiple uses and they can be easily moved around and used multiple times. With reflectors, the fence is visible day and night, and whether you choose a flat-foot or V-foot model, the fence stands firm.

Fall protection

Falls from height are the dominant cause of deaths and serious injuries in industry. There are different types of fences in the form of fall protection. Fall protection is recommended for all construction work above 2 meters to ensure the safety of personnel.

Heavy, closed fence

Good enclosures should be hard to climb, maintenance-free and facilitate corporate security. Having a heavy fence prevents unauthorized people from entering the area, thus preventing break-ins, vandalism and the risk of civilian injuries. If you are unsure which solution is best for your business, contact us for advice.

Mobile door

For an efficient passage for larger vehicles, electric gates are a good option. With high security and remote control, it’s easy to control who enters the area.

Construction site fencing

Construction site fences are long-lasting and require minimal maintenance. The fences can be used to demarcate areas in a neat way. We help you with everything from planning and design to delivery and installation of all different types of fences.

5 benefits of fences and hedges

Whether it’s for a business or a school, we have all the different types of fencing you might need. We list 5 benefits of investing in safe and secure fences.

a) Security. With proper fencing, you can minimize the risk of break-ins, vandalism and intruders.

b) Reduce the risk of injury. With fall protection, you prevent injuries at work and with industrial fences and gates, you deter unauthorized people from entering the area, which can result in injuries.

c) Control. You get full control over who enters the area, so you don’t have to spend time and energy keeping track of everyone on your property.

d) Time efficient. Good gates require minimal maintenance, so you can focus on your work and not on the function and security of the gates.

e) Prevention. Fences and gates deter thieves and intruders from trying to get in.


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