Advantages of mobile fences for construction sites

Mobile fences are easy to install, adapt, remove and transport. They are therefore ideal for short to medium-length events. They are used in a variety of industries for festivals, sporting events and what we will talk about today: construction projects. Whatever they are used for, mobile fences offer a number of benefits and help you better organize everything around the area. They also prevent both humans and animals from going where they do not belong.

The purpose of a temporary fence

Security, anti-theft and crowd control are some of the main benefits of mobile fences. But the advantage that stands out among the others is flexibility, as it requires little or no preparation to install or remove a temporary fence.

There are a number of different types of mobile fencing. However, the barrier most people associate with the term temporary/removable fence is probably still the metal fences that wrap around construction sites; the so-called ‘building fencing’. The primary purpose is to prevent humans and animals from intentionally or unintentionally entering the construction site and either harming themselves or something/someone within the area.

Advantages of the mobile fence

1. versatility

As the name suggests, mobile fences are designed to be moved around and can be easily adapted as needed. In other words, they are very versatile. They are robust enough to withstand all weather conditions, but are also very flexible. A removable fence is the ideal solution for emergencies as well as for planned events.

2. Cost-effective

Mobile fences are very affordable, easy to install and simple to move around the site. A permanent fence, by comparison, is expensive, complex and time-consuming to install, but of course has its specific area of application for longer construction projects, among others.

3. User-friendly

Temporary fences are robust but not permanent. They are easy to use and can be adapted as needed in a variety of situations.

4. Safe solution

A mobile fence creates a clear barrier between the construction site and the public. The fence effectively prevents people as well as animals from entering the area where they risk injuring themselves or materials, tools, machinery and other equipment.

Rent or buy construction fencing from BGFIX

Temporary and construction fencing sums up what BGFIX does best in the industry. We have all kinds of barriers and accessories for every conceivable situation. We have everything you need for a complete, safe and effective barrier, whether it’s fencing off a construction site with a temporary fence or a sturdy barrier fence for concerts or sporting events.

We live by the motto “Safer environment. Safer People”, where our focal point is to make your environment, your events or your projects as safe as possible.

Contact us if you want to rent or buy a removable fence for your construction site. You can also take a closer look at our range of construction fences.

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