Construction flow: Construction costs, tendering and design

Construction siteThe law says you must take measures to prevent the risk of deaths and accidents on your construction site. However, the construction site is one of the most challenging environments to secure, as the project continues unabated, regardless of the weather, and the conditions on the site itself change during the course of the project. This is particularly prominent when it comes to the use of electronic equipment and electricity management.

As the environmental conditions of the project may be humid and the project is constantly changing during its progress, the risk of electrical problems or accidents increases. It is therefore a necessity to invest in reliable and flexible construction electricity and construction power, guaranteeing that the project runs smoothly and, above all, safely.


Tailor-made end-to-end solutions

BGFIX offers tailor-made end-to-end solutions for construction electricity, ensuring a safe workplace right up to the end of the project. We will help you through the whole process:

– Planning and design: we visit your construction site to map and review the needs of every part of your project and tailor a solution based on the conditions of your construction site.

We take into account all the details and make sure to create the perfect solution in terms of the amount and type of equipment you need and which option best suits your project – rent or buy.

– Delivery and installation: BGFIX has the ability to deliver and install large amounts of construction electricity within 0-3 days throughout Swedenas we always have the warehouse stocked with several sets.

– Inspection and maintenance: Do you need extra construction power or has your equipment broken down? No problem, BGFIX is with you every step of the way, making sure your construction power fulfills its purpose and makes your project fast and safe – from start to finish.


BGFIX tender for construction electricity

BGFIX is able to offer a wide range of construction power based on your project’s specific needs and conditions. By working closely together, we ensure that your project can start as soon as possible. With us, you can invest in:

– Plugs

– Building lighting

– Distribution centers

– Outlet boxes

– GPI-Garo Plug In

– Sub-centres/Company

– Main centers


How much does our construction electricity cost?

Are you renting or buying? What type of construction electricity do you need? How much equipment do you need? The construction costs for our construction electricity can vary significantly from project to project, depending on the solution you need. Contact us directly and we will help you get an overview of the total construction costs.

BGFIX price guarantee

We always offer a price guarantee on our construction electricity if you find the same product at a better price from one of our competitors. We will match that price and reduce it by a further 5%.

Do you need construction electricity for your construction site?

Contact BGFIX today for more information about our
complete solutions
. We help you create a construction site with safe construction power that works in all weather conditions. With our ‘rocket guarantee’, we can guarantee fast quotes and feedback within an hour.
You can also find out more about BGFIX’s ability to provide site protection and fencing on your construction site.

- Skrevet af Niels Webb



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