Guide to protecting the public from your construction site

It is your responsibility to ensure that work on your construction site does not endanger the public. It includes all nearby people, adults and children, as well as animals that accidentally or intentionally enter your construction area.

In this article, we have gathered the most important things you need to know to protect the public from your construction site, but also all workers on the construction site. We will address the management of access to the construction site and potential hazards to the public.

What you need to know

All construction companies should draw up a health and safety plan for their construction site, which should include measures to control access across clearly defined boundaries and a plan to exclude unauthorized persons.

There is no room for mistakes or laziness, as the risk of a child or animal wandering onto your construction site can be catastrophic. Everything must be done with great care to protect the public from:

a) falling materials and tools

b) the risk of falling into pits/ditches

(c) collision with contractor’s tractors.

Managing access to the construction site

Access: You must create a clear, physical boundary using appropriate fencing. The type of fencing should be adapted to the construction site and its surrounding environment. To protect the public, it is essential to establish a boundary separating the construction site from public land. You must:

a) Plan what kind of barrier is needed

b) Erecting fences

c) Maintain the barrier

Questions you should ask yourself include:

a) What type of construction work will be carried out?

b) How densely populated is the surrounding area?

c) Who will visit your construction site during the work?

d) Will your construction site attract children?

e) What are the specific characteristics of your construction site? (e.g. existing barriers, land, nearby buildings)

In densely populated areas, a two-meter high construction fence is recommended around the construction project. Feel free to add a sign or two to your construction site to clarify potential hazards within the area.

Access to the construction site

You must take appropriate measures to prevent unauthorized persons from gaining access to the construction site:

a) People must be allowed to access the construction site or be restricted to a certain area.

b) You must explain the relevant rules to authorized persons.

c) You may be asked to supervise or accompany authorized visitors while they are on your construction site or visiting certain areas.

Potential hazards to the public

There are many hazards on a construction site that pose a risk to the public and visitors. Review if any of the risks below are relevant on your construction site and how to manage them:

a) Falling tools and materials: make sure that things cannot fall outside the boundaries of the construction area. On scaffolding, this can be prevented by the use of nets, fences and similar barriers.

Delivery and other vehicles: make sure that pedestrians are not at risk of being hit by vehicles entering or leaving the construction area.

b) Storage and stacking of materials: You can reduce the risk of stored materials by storing them within the construction area – preferably within a fenced area or at least as far away from the site barrier as possible.

c) Openings and excavations: People can easily be injured if they fall into excavations, wells, stairwells or open floorboards. Prevent this by setting up barriers, shelters and warning signs on your construction site.

Other hazards:

a) Fall and trip hazards

(b) Construction machinery of various types

c) Hazardous materials and waste

d) Electricity and other energy sources

e) Dust, noise and vibration

f) Road works

Alarm, CCTV and guards for protection from the public

However, it is not only the public that needs to be protected, you and your employees also need to be protected from the public. Buying alarm systems with CCTV and hiring security guards ensures that no one can enter the site or office unhindered and steal or break anything. Just like a house alarm, a building alarm has a deterrent effect that keeps most intruders away. This is the main reason why many people choose to buy home and building alarms. We strongly recommend that you clearly sign that the area is being monitored to prevent crime in the first place.

Secure your construction site with BGFIX

We have everything you need to create a safe construction site, including fencing in the form of fences and barriers, as well as different types of construction site signs. Contact us and we will make sure that the safety of your construction site fits your needs and situation.

- Skrevet af Niels Webb



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