What is mobile fencing?

Mobile fencing is a fence that is quick and easy to set up and move. It is typically used for temporary projects and events, especially on construction sites. That’s why it is also called a construction site fence or construction fence. Typical mobile fences measure 2m in height and 3.5m in length and weigh around 15 kg. They are unpainted, so just metal color and you need feet and couplers to make a complete fence set-up. Mobile fence is made of Ø38mm metal tube and has a mesh of 262x100mm. There are also fine mesh models, where the mesh is 262x43mm – also called AntiClimb fence because you can’t climb in it.

When to use mobile fences?

Have you considered the many benefits of a mobile fence – not only on the construction site, but also at various events?

Keeping track of a building site or construction work can be a major challenge. This includes making sure that logistics run smoothly and that the work is carried out according to plan. However, many of the challenges that arise in construction projects can be overcome with good planning of the work. In order to stay on schedule and keep the work progressing, it is important that the construction area and works are not disturbed by external factors. Proper fencing of the area increases safety both inside and outside the construction site and ensures that traffic in and around the area does not create challenges for the project.

A mobile fence does the job and is an easy and simple solution to keep the area under control. As the name simply indicates, it can be customized and moved around to suit your construction site. This may involve directing traffic during construction work or fencing off a construction site to comply with legal requirements.

BGFIX provides mobile fencing that ensures that you optimize security on the construction site and avoid burglary and all unauthorized access to the construction site. We provide mechanical protection that meets your needs and wishes, and you can rent mobile fences from us at a favorable price. We have everything you need for temporary barriers:
construction site fencing
, barrier material, safety railings, gates, gates and much more.

Different types of mobile fences

Rent your mobile fence from BGFIX

BGFIX is also your partner when organizing concerts or sporting events with large crowds. We increase the safety of your guests; long queues and safety challenges can quickly arise without a secure festival fence or crowd fence. Mobile fence rental is something we do a lot in – we can help with which solution suits your needs best.

Civil engineering works, construction sites and public events are temporary events that require high precision and safe solutions for a given period of time. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that you as an organizer or responsible person find a solution that is economically viable and meets all requirements. At BGFIX, we provide complete packages where you can rent a mobile fence tailored to your budget and individual needs. With mobile fence hire, you avoid the hassle of managing yet another task, so your event or project can go ahead as planned. We are also happy to come to the construction or event site to make sure we deliver the best and most economical solution.

With mobile fence rental, you get fences that are highly flexible and can be moved around quickly if you need a new solution urgently. On top of that, we have a large stock of used mobile fences and other products that we can deliver overnight. This means you get a competitive price for mobile fence rental and a flexible partner.

Get a competitive price for mobile fences

At BGFIX, we are always at your disposal, and we are ready with competent and professional advice that gives you a clear overview and a solution that makes your work easier. We operate with a price guarantee. If you have a better offer for the same type of mobile fence from another supplier, we will match the price.

We always offer a competitive mobile fence price for your project. Prices vary greatly depending on the type of mobile fence you want to install and the size of the area to be fenced. When it comes to crowd barriers, we have several different price ranges and the most affordable barriers are Danpiles and chains, but for other alternatives, we also have plastic fencing and Hoffmann blocks, which are very popular with our customers. The mobile fence price can also be reduced if you buy the fence and choose to sell it back to us at a later date.

For construction sites, we offer mobile fences that protect against burglary and meet security requirements. We always have 10 km of construction fencing in stock, so we’re sure we can find a quick solution for you if you need an extra barrier. We will erect the fence within a very short time. In many cases, we can deliver on the same day. We also provide assembly, dismantling and maintenance throughout the rental period, so you as a site manager have one less thing to worry about. If you want to buy from us at a favorable mobile fence price, we are Scandinavia’s largest dealer of construction fences and we purchase the goods at favorable prices. Prices that we ultimately share with our customers, so you will always find the best price for mobile fences with us.

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