NEW PRODUCT! – CantiDeck

We reach new heights, while giving you greater safety and security at height.

BGFIX has just launched the new CantiDeck. It is a loading platform used to move equipment and materials efficiently in and out of buildings during construction. This product allows for safe and secure handling of equipment and materials at height.

Background information

One of the most dangerous tasks is working at height in material loading and construction. The element of danger is that there is a potential risk of falling, or of something or someone else falling on top of you. It is an area of work that continues to cause the highest number of deaths and serious injuries every year.

Therefore, material handling at height requires that the project is well planned, closely monitored and carried out by skilled workers who have the skills, experience and, most importantly, the knowledge to do the job properly. In addition, material handling equipment must be reliable and create the right conditions for safe work at height.

How does CantiDeck work?

You could call CantiDeck a very reliable material loading equipment.

CantiDeck is a loading platform that can be safely installed in the structure. Whether your project has a steel or concrete structure/HDF/prefab above or below ground, CantiDeck is available for crane lifting.

CantiDeck is available in several different sizes with tailor-made solutions according to specific needs. The platform has a high load capacity of 5000 kg, providing a wide variety for handling materials and equipment. It is quick and easy to install and move, and also has high sides, increasing safety for those working with the awkward and heavy materials and equipment on board the platform.

Fixed Flush & Super Roller

CantiDeck’s two most common models are the Fixed Flush and the Super Roller.

Fixed Flush is installed in line with the structural floor, providing a smooth and seamless transition from platform to floor and back again. It is optimal for height-restricted areas.

Conversely, the Super Roller can be pushed fully into the frame and building so that it is aligned with the edge of the structure when not in use. This allows for multiple platforms to be installed in a stacked configuration, resulting in no downtime when moving platforms between different floors. It also saves a lot of time, as you can load on several levels immediately after each other.

This solution for material handling at height is much cheaper and simpler than a complex scaffolding system. It is thus very cost-effective and contributes to increased crane and working time efficiency and safety.

The CantiDeck platforms are available from BGFIX.

- Skrevet af Niels Webb



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