Road signs – When and why are they used?

Construction or repairs carried out on or along a road pose a risk to both construction workers and drivers. Factors such as loose gravel, large and heavy work vehicles, high tides, soft roads, uneven asphalt, smoke, oiled roads and others can cause accidents that can lead to serious injury or death in the worst cases.

The construction work also has a major impact on traffic flow, which means that serious traffic accidents can also occur here.

To protect motorists, pedestrians and construction workers from the dangers of road works, different types of temporary signs are often used
traffic signs
. These road signs are used to inform road users of the prevailing conditions and road conditions, advise drivers and pedestrians to be careful in the vicinity of the construction area and guide vehicles to alternative routes.

When to use traffic signs?


1. Road works outside the roadside (outer roadside):

Traffic control is rarely needed when road works take place off the road itself (i.e. along the road but outside the roadside). In cases where work vehicles are parked on the roadside, when work vehicles have to cross the road to get to the construction site or when equipment is moved across the road, a “Warning of road works“road sign. The sign urges drivers to take extra care.


2. Road works at the roadside:

Warning signs are necessary as they protect road workers and inform drivers that work is being carried out at the roadside. Depending on the size of the road works, several different signs may be needed to ensure a safe working environment and efficient information logistics for drivers. In cases where road works are taking place at the roadside near the road, a combination of traffic signs is often used, such as: temporary speed limits, different types of warning signs, mandatory warning signs and side marker signs.


3. Road works on the road:

Road works that take place on the road itself are one of the most risky types of projects, as the works often require the closure of one or more lanes and the road works take place very close to the still open lane. These projects also require a large number of road signs to ensure the safety of road workers and drivers and to maintain a good traffic flow.


Which road signs are there?

At BGFIX you will find a complete range of traffic signs and road signs. In our range you can buy the following road signs:

Warning signs

Example: Warning about road works/tunnel/uneven road/gradient etc.

○ Compulsory signs

Example: Right of way, stopping, pedestrian crossing, main road, etc.

Prohibition signs

Example: Prohibition of vehicle access, prohibition of vehicle traffic, prohibition of stopping and parking of vehicles, etc.

Instruction signs

Example: Roundabout, mandatory footbridge, mandatory direction of travel, etc.

○ Additional boards

Example: Reduced visibility, parking disk, loading bay, etc.

○ Side marker screen


Tailor-made road signs

Is there anything missing from the list? No problem. We also offer tailor-made signs that you can customize according to your individual needs.

Explore BGFIX’s full range of road signs

Do you need road signs? Explore our range of road signs you are always welcome to contact the BGFIX team if you want to place your order right now. We can supply a large number of road signs with fast delivery throughout the Nordic region.


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