Sliding gate with motor vs. swing gate with motor

To glide or to swing, that is the question. The main difference between an electric sliding gate and a swing gate is that sliding gates are pushed back and forth to open and close, while swing gates open and close by swinging back and forth in a semicircle. Both have their advantages and disadvantages and therefore suit different needs on construction sites. In this article, we review the advantages of automatic sliding gates and swing gates, as well as their limitations.

Sliding gates

Electric sliding gates are mainly used when the use of other types of gates is not an option. Sliding g ates are an excellent choice when you have limited space and/or need to install them on uneven terrain. Instead of having a gate that opens inwards or outwards, the automatic sliding gates roll on a rail or a trackless cantilever system (a system where the sliding gate is in the air and only held on one side)

The advantages of a sliding gate

If space is limited or if something is blocking the entrance, an automatic sliding gate is often the best option. Since it slides parallel along the fence, these types of gates take up significantly less space. An electric motorized sliding gate makes it easy to enter the area safely for both vehicles and pedestrians.
Is your entrance located on a sloping surface? In that case, an electric sliding gate is the obvious choice, as it does not need to open ‘towards’ or ‘away from’ the vehicle or the person entering/exiting.

Limitations of a sliding gate

Due to the many moving parts, sliding gates are usually noisier than a swing gate. While this is rarely a problem when it comes to a remote fenced outdoor area, problems can arise when it comes to internal gates or access points near offices or sleeping areas.

In order for the sliding door to open and close, it requires a connection between the two photocells located on the stop post and the concrete frame respectively. However, there is almost always a lot going on at Danish construction sites, where vibrations, small bumps from a truck or an employee leaning against the gate can throw the gate off course. The electric sliding gate is therefore easier to disable than many other gates.

Swing gates

The main advantage of swing gates is that they require very little maintenance, especially if they are manual. Unlike many other gates, swing gates do not need any kind of motor or electronics, making them very easy to use, but they can of course be automated if desired. They are often cheaper than automatic sliding gates.

The advantages of swing gates

In some cases, swing gates are considered the safest option. They have fewer moving parts, so there is less risk of hands or fingers getting trapped. Swing gates can be opened both inwards and outwards, making it easy for people and vehicles to enter or exit the area in any direction. Swing gates are generally the more economical alternative. Fewer moving parts, less equipment next to the gate and no need for rails make them easier and cheaper to install.

Limitations of swing gates

If the swing gate is not motorized, it is often heavy to open and close. To use a swing gate, you need plenty of space. If the access point is narrow or in an environment where there are multiple gates in a small area, it may be better to invest in a sliding gate.

Buy automatic sliding and swing gates at BGFIX

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