Three good reasons to invest in road barriers for residential areas and schools

Strong road barriers are an important feature in all kinds of residential areas to keep the most vulnerable road users safe – pedestrians. Road barriers are particularly important in residential areas where families with children play on the roads during the daytime.
Equally important are strong road barriers at schools and kindergartens to protect children on their way to and from school.
In this article, we look at three good reasons why you should invest in a road barrier for residential areas and schools.

Three good reasons to invest in road barriers

1. Prevents unauthorized traffic

A primary task of aroad sweeper in a residential area is to block unauthorized traffic. In heavy roadblock keeps out larger vehicles such as cars and trucks, but allows legitimate vehicles to pass if necessary. For example, workmen may need to enter the yard to carry out maintenance work on the homes or the school.

2. Speed reducers for bicycle and moped traffic

The big advantage of a heavy-duty road barrier is its flexibility, preventing heavier vehicles such as cars and trucks from driving through, but allowing pedestrians, bicycles, scooters and mopeds to pass.

But even people on bicycles, electric scooters or mopeds can be dangerous – both for themselves and for other road users – if they travel at excessive speeds. In road barriers in a residential area or at a school forces cyclists, moped riders and people on electric scooters to slow down, reducing the risk of collisions.

3. Fewer burglaries

The number of burglaries is seasonal, with most occurring in the dark months of the year, mainly from October to December. The reason is simple: it is dark, and darkness helps thieves as it is harder to detect and identify them.

Thieves want to get as close to the home as possible so they can quickly and easily load garden tools, TVs, etc. onto the car and minimize the time they spend on site. They also want to be close to their getaway car in case someone spots them.

A road barrier in a residential area makes it difficult or impossible for thieves to drive all the way to the homes. This reduces their motivation to carry out the burglary by increasing the risk of detection.

BGFIX road barriers for residential areas and schools

Our road barrier for residential areas, Utö City Barrier is a flexible and effective barrier solution that can be equipped with different locking options in the form of a triangle key, cylinder lock, padlock or fire brigade key. The boom has a solid construction adapted to the Nordic climate and weather and is a cheap road barrier with high security.

BGFIX offers smart end-to-end solutions, with road barriers for residential areas and schools tailored to your conditions and needs. We help you through the whole process from planning and design to installation, delivery, inspection and ongoing maintenance.

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