When do you need a noise fence?

As summer arrives, so does the return of parties and festivals. Most events are quite noisy, if successful. This is where BGFIX (wohoo!) and noise-reducing mats come in. Drum roll, please!

With BGFIX Soundex noise-reducing mats you can avoid complaints from neighbors. In addition to outdoor festivals, construction sites are at least as sensitive to noise, as they often attract unwanted attention from the local population.

Effective reduction of construction noise with Soundex noise-reducing mats

Noise control is a sensitive issue in many construction projects, as excessive noise pollution can, in the worst case scenario, lead to the end of the construction project – especially if too many people have already complained about the noise.

General rules for noise control have been in place for a long time and must of course be complied with. However, the rules vary depending on whether the construction site is in a residential or commercial area.

Noise on a construction site comes not only from the use of compressed air drills and compressors, but also from many other sources. As a construction site is vibrant due to the variety of activities, a Soundex mat may be needed, for example due to loud workers and radios around the site.

Once the noise-reducing mats have reduced the disturbance, local residents should be very satisfied and the construction project can continue.

Noise control is also the key to a successful festival, and noise barriers are an absolute must for a number of events, such as outdoor concerts or parties. Otherwise, people around the area may become deeply frustrated. When planning an outdoor event, several interests must always be taken into account. It is not always easy for organizers to find a compromise between the guests’ desire for loud music and the locals’ need not to be disturbed.

At a concert, the volume can reach as high as 100 dB. This is roughly equivalent to the noise of a chainsaw, a jackhammer or a loud thunderstorm. Here, the Soundex mats absorb a large part of the sound.

A good noise fence can lead to greater tolerance and goodwill among residents, while making the outdoor event more enjoyable for all parties.

Noise reduction through noise fences

In addition to vandalism and theft, loud noise is a problem on many construction sites around cities. Do you want to avoid your construction site being shut down due to noise? At the same time, do you want your employees to be effectively protected from the high decibel levels? We highly recommend our noise protection mats. They also act as additional privacy screens and reduce disturbing noise by up to 28 dB.

Noise-reducing mats are versatile in this way and can help organizers and builders to reconcile the ongoing project with local interests.

BGFIX offers noise barrierswhich are easy to mount on construction fences and reduce sound levels by approximately 28 dB. Whether it’s a construction site or an outdoor party, you can relax. Soundex noise protection mats are ready for action!

- Skrevet af Niels Webb



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