Which construction fence should you choose?

What do Danske Bank’s new headquarters, the Fehmarn tunnel and a housing development in Næstved have in common? Let us give you a hint – it has to do with construction! All three are construction sites and need some form of barrier. In the following blog, the BGFIX experts will tell you which fence is best for your project, along with the pros and cons of all barriers.

Basic and Basic+ Construction fencing

These 2 models are the cheapest to buy and very easy to handle for quick and easy assembly. They are quickly recognized by their square frame. However, they are less stable than our other construction fencing options, so they should only be used in temporary situations where safety and quality are not paramount. They should definitely not be used in a high-risk environment as these are easy to lift and tip over or to climb over. If there is a high risk of burglary or security risk, a more stable model should be considered.

Both Basic models (
) are suitable for clearly marking a large workplace where safety is not a top priority (e.g. where everything of value is locked up in the workplace) or as road markings at events and also as an obstacle in hazardous areas where, together with customized signs, you can talk about the risks behind the fence.

Light and Strong spectator fences

The festival fence is suitable for all events and temporary diversion of people, but particularly suitable for the diversion and management of a large crowd, both in public streets and large concerts. It has a high degree of stability with welded frame and slats, can be quickly put in place and is particularly suitable for high population and high security risk areas.

is normally supplied without reflectors (also available with
) and is a simple and inexpensive fence. Also available in stock in

is of higher quality and weight and significantly minimizes the risk of tripping with an easy to notice gold painted flat foot and a reflector.

For soundproofing measures at events are
is better suited in combination with
SafeWay sound-absorbing mats

construction site fencing

Depending on the scope of the project, it can take weeks, months, even years to complete the project. The construction site must be closed for the duration of the project to prevent vandalism and theft and other unforeseen, unpleasant incidents. Both RoundTop and AntiForce have an increased frame within their frame with a thicker steel and a curved profile at the upper edges.

The RoundTop has a regular mesh size and therefore means the same climbing possibilities as the Basic models.

AntiForce offers a tightly meshed net that makes it impossible to climb over without additional tools. In addition, an additional upright profile for easier handling during assembly and increased structural stability. AntiForce is therefore a reliable friend for the contractor as it prevents most people from entering the workplace. Add together with lift locks and safety couplings and you have an unbeatable solution for building security!

Also a good alternative to a permanent fence in situations where you can’t decide on a permanent solution or when you don’t want to make a large capital investment in a new business idea but still need some form of site protection.

Whichever model you choose, BGFIX has a wide range of construction fences and fences in stock for all sizes of construction sites.
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- Skrevet af Niels Webb



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